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Concerts 2019

coming up…

29-06 Wormerveer (NL) – De Groote Weiver

1-17 August… ACTION BEAT > Westcoast USA

23-08 Oakland, CA (USA) – The Uptown
24-08 San Francisco, CA (USA) – Bottom of the Hill

34 16-09 Paris (F) – Café de la Danse

October/November… Oiseaux-Tempête > France, Europe…
25-10 Biarritz (F)- Atabal
30-10 Paris (F)- Maroquinerie
07-11 Utrecht (NL) – Le Guess Who Festival

so far in 2019 . . .

1  08-02   Maubec (F) – Gare de Coustellet
2   16-02   Lissabon (POR) – Damas
3   17-02   Aveiro (POR) – Mercado Negro
4   18-02   Pontevedra (ESP) – Liceo Mutante
5   19-02   Oviedo (ESP) – Lata de Zinc
6   20-02   Bilbao (ESP) – Muelle Bar
7   21-02   Tolosa (ESP) – Bonberenea
8   22-02   Barcelona (ESP) – Magia Roja HQ
9   23-02   Zaragoza (ESP) – Arrebato
G.W. SOK (solo)
10   06-03   Toulouse (F) – DAda
11/12   04-04   Albi (F) – Campus Albi
13   13-04   Groningen (NL) – Vera
14   16-04   Toulouse (F) – Metronum
15   17-04   Avignon (F)- Les Hauts Plateaux
16   18-04   Menglon (F) – Une Île
17   19-04   Nîmes (F) – Galerie CMCT
18   20-04   Najac (F) – Hors-Loge
19   15-05   Utrecht (NL) – dB’s
20   16-05   Charleroi (B) – Le Vecteur
21   17-05   Brighton (ENG) – Hope & Ruin
22   18-05   Newcastle (ENG) – The Cluny 2
23   19-05   Glasgow (SCO) – The Old Hairdresser’s
24   20-05   Leeds (ENG) – Wharf Chambers
25   21-05   Manchester (ENG) – The Castle
26   22-05   London (ENG) – Aces And Eights
27   23-05   Bristol (ENG) – The Crofters
28   24-05   Hastings (ENG) – Marina Fountain
29   25-05   Amsterdam (NL) – Occii
30 30-05 Amsterdam (NL) – De Ruimte

don’t forget…

New album of Moe Staiano’s SURPLUS 1980 COLLECTIV ENSEMBL out in April on Musique à la Coque… “Forget All This”… vocals & lyrics are mine.
In August we will play two shows in California USA: on the 23rd at The Uptown in Oakland, and on the on the 24th at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco.

I recorded two songs together with Howie Reeve for his new vinyl album “Cracks”. The songs, “When I Hear/Alina Ann Elena” are also available as a digital download single on Tractor Notown ( OWN 01) via

In August, from the 1st till the 18th, I will be touring the Westcoast of the USA together with ACTION BEAT.

In September I will be recording a new album with Nicolas Lafourest (guitar) and olivier Mellano (guitar) as CODDIWOMPLE.

In October OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE will release their new album “From Somewhere Invisible, followed by a tour in October/November. Special gusest are Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem In My Heart) and Jessica Moss (Thee Silver Mt. Zion Orchestra).

Autumn (Octobrrr)

Coming up
• new  album by King Champion Sounds – For A Lark (November)
• new  7″ by King Champion Sounds – 3 Songs EP (November)
• new  split 7″ by King Champion Sounds/Surplus 1980 (2019)
• 2x vocals + lyrics w/ Howie Reeve new album (2019)
• 4x vocals + lyrics w/ Surplus 1980 Ensembl Collectiv new album (2019)
• new studio album by Oiseaux-Tempête (2019)

• w/ Cactus Club – 5 (LP, October 2018)
0 2x guest-vocals”: “Rue de Seine” + “Extrémophile”
Oiseaux-Tempête – TARAB (live, LP/CD, June 2018)
• w/ Christian Olivier – AFTER AVANT (CD, June 2018)
0 1x guest-vocals + lyrics: “Shoot”
• w/ Come Holy Spirit – ASTERS & DISASTERS (LP, May 2018)
0 2x guest-vocals + lyrics: “Essayons” + “Elephantine”
• w/ Oma – OMA (cassette, March, 2018)
0 2x guest-vocals: “Aberfan” + “Hospital”

Why can’t we all be happy…

WHY CAN’T WE ALL BE HAPPY ALL THE TIME is the brand new song-lyrics book by G.W. SOK …
RISO print, 144 pages, out at the end of September 2017 …
72 lyrics (2011-2016) written for bands such as King Champion Sounds, Action Beat, Filiamotsa, Cannibales & Vahinés, Gran Kino, and lots more!

Available via Ex Mailorder

f u c k e d . . h a p p y . . l i v e . .

THE WORLD IS FUCKED BUT I FEEL FINE is the title of the brand new vinyl album by ACTION BEAT + G.W. SOK … 10 explosive tracks, recorded at Machines With Magnets in Providence, RI, USA … out on Psych.KG …
Now available via Ex Mailorder >

ACTION BEAT + GW SOK live in August in the UK
> see the concerts- page

WHY CAN’T WE ALL BE HAPPY ALL THE TIME is the title of the brand new song-lyrics book by G.W. SOK … RISO print, 144 pages, out at end of August … 72 lyrics (2011-2016) written for bands such as King Champion Sounds, Action Beat, Filiamotsa, Cannibales & Vahinés, Gran Kino, and lots more!
Pre-ordering possible > via Ex Mailorder.

Ear we go again

Out now . . .
• two track 7″ single FOOL THROTTLE/DEBBY ONE DAY with King 0 Champion Sounds (June), out on Tractor Notown (NOT 09)
Coming up in 2017 . . .
• vocals on Through The Speech Of Stars for the forthcoming
0 album AL-‘AN by Oiseaux-Tempête (April)
• new album THE WORLD IS FUCKED BUT I FEEL FINE with Action
0 Beat (Summer)
in English  (June)
• new album with Gran Kino (Autumn)

Tour dogs

(Action Beat + G.W. Sok in the USA)

Special delivery straight from heavenly hell…
that is: New York, Philly, Washington DC,
Baltimore, Richmond, Charlotte, Winston-Salem,
Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans,
Houston, Austin, Dallas… that’s us, fellas…
traveling around in the Underground Scenery of

One drummer missing, arrested in the UK,
tour hasn’t even started yet…
then sun blasts, heavy rains,
and a series of seriously troubled vans
long drives, short drives… and all the time
loading in, loading out, waiting, soundcheck, playtime…
yes food, no food, fast food, slow food…
yes sleep no sleep, roads roads roads and MORE roads…

One troubled van now unsurprisingly unsurrealistically
fucked up…
think fast, think not, burn rubber, on the double
one apartment, one floor, seven bodies, and dogbeds,
two sleeping-bags, and one family flee couch…
juice, water, beer, weed, coffee, “coffee”…
bagel, burger, donut, diner…

Smelly clothes, a stolen backpack,
occasional showers, a van-change, a smelly shirt change
one guitarist heading home, due to family illness…
and then there were six…
and too much change in the pocket, fuck it
a traffic jam? terrific man
and meanwhile trouble in the US of A
a certain kind of malice
in Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Dallas…
we’re just passing through, though, but we’re concerned,
and worried,
and so are the people we meet
and yes, this music IS bringing us together…
for worse, or better… rough, hypnotic, jagged
a noisy, chaotic, vital racket…
with sometimes even louder miles per hour…
who cares, hurray… hear! hear!… and we’re only HALFWAY here…
and so, what’s left?… right!
Kansas City, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland,
Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Binghamton,
Portland, Boston, Providence…
unlock your ears, and hear it come,
for here it comes…
the amazing noise
of the Bletchley Boys…

Tour dogs!

(misprint, baby:
tour gods…)


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