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Surplus 1980 Collectiv Ensembl   Forget all this   | CD
– 2019   Four long composed tracks of modern music
King Champion Sounds
  Cerebrum bum   | 7″
– 2018   The second single, released by Paradiso  Vinyl Club
King Champion Sounds   For a lark   | LP
– 2018   The fourth album
Oiseaux-Tempête   Tarab   | LP/CD 
– 2018   Live-album, songs from their Al-‘an album and new stuff
King Champion Sounds   Fool throttle/Debby one day   | 7″ 
– 2017   Special single, made for Record Store Day
Action Beat & G.W. Sok   The world is fucked but I feel fine   | LP
– 2017   2nd album together, recorded straight after a 4 week US tour
King Champion Sounds  To awake in that heaven of free…   | 2LP
– 2016   Eclectic double-album, 19 tracks

G.W. Sok   Listen to the painters   | CD
– 2016   Compilation album with 14 examples of my collaborations

The And
  The And   | 10″
– 2015   A project by half of Cannibales & Vahinés: Nicolas Lafourest and
                 me. Guitar and voice. Melody, soundscape, poetry. Six tracks

The And   Straw/Town of stone   | 7″, 2015
– 2015   The first 7″ by The And. A translated “Stroo” (of Jan Arends) and
                  an old Ex lyric, both put to new music

Filiamotsa   Like it is   | CD/LP
– 2015   Filiamotsa are from Nancy, drums and
violin(s). I joined them on
                  this adventure. Seven tracks, including an Allen Ginsberg poem

Cannibales & Vahinés   Songs for a free body   | CD/LP
– 2015   The third album (the second one with me), with nine new tracks.
                  50 minutes of sound unbound

Cannibales & Vahinés
  Mirror man   7″
– 2015   The first 7″ of Cannibales & Vahinés from Toulouse (them) and
                  Amsterdam (me). Released on Record
Store Day, as a warm-up 
                  for the new album

The Ex   At Bimhuis 1991-2015   | 2xCD
– 2015   A compilation from 25 years of history of
The Ex at the  jazz club
                  Bimhuis in Amsterdam. Twelve concerts and events with tons of
                  guests from all over the planet

Two Pin Din & G.W. Sok   Gifts, milk and things   | 2×7″
– 2014   Two Pin Din is Wilf Plum (ex-Dog Faced Hermans) and Andy Kerr
                   (ex-No Means No), both on guitar. Plus me. Four songs, two
                   singles, and one gatefold sleeve

King Champion Sounds   Songs for the golden hour   | 10″
– 2014   The second album by Dutch/English seven-piece formation. Vinyl
                  version sold out. Reissued on CD with gatefold sleeve
King Champion Sounds – Different drummer| LP
– 2013   The first album by Dutch/English seven-piece formation
                  (including Ajay Saggar, Oli Heffernan, me).Vinyl version sold out.
                  Reissued on CD with gatefold sleeve
Chapi Chapo & les Petites Musiques de Pluie   Robotank-Z   | CD
– 2013   French band with toy music instruments, and me on two songs
Cannibales & Vahinés   N.O.W.H.E.R.E   | CD
– 2012   The second album of Cannibales & Vahinés from Toulouse,
                  France, the first one with me on vocals

Zoikle   Illusies 1+2   | 7″
– 2011   Rotterdam based band including me. Two songs, in Dutch
Detective Instinct   #3   | 7″
– 2009   This is Oli Heffernan and me. Two songs. Our first  collaboration,
                  released on Sickroom Records USA

G.W. Sok    Why can’t we all be happy all the time
– 2017   Lyrics 2010-2016. 72 pages, riso-print. The stuff I wrote during
                 the last seven years. Mainly in English, plus one bit in French

G.W. Sok   A/B/C & She
– 2014    A rather big postcard (8.5”” x 5.5””) with a poem (or short story, if
                  you like). Initiated and published by Half Letter Press from
                  Chicago, USA

G.W. Sok   A mix of bricks & valentines
– 2011   Lyrics 1979-2009. 384 pages, offset-print. All the stuff I wrote
for The Ex and more. Mainly in English, plus a bit in Dutch.  Also
                   available via PM Press USA

G.W. Sok   Livre un: Le début d’une belle frénésie
– 2011   76-page bilingual paperback with 26 poetic lyrics in both
                  English and French
G.W. Sok   Een klein zwartwit vechtbek manifest
– 2009   Zeven ver-/hertalingen van teksten van de voormalige punkband
                  Rondos (1978-1980). 12 pagina’s. (In Dutch!)
Kleij & Roest   Pantkrand 25
– 2008   Verhalen, gedichten, collages, en heuse al dan niet echte
                  reportages… Kortom de zin en onzin van een woonwerkpand.
                  Onder redaktie van Kleij (die ben ik ook, soms) en Friso Roest.
                  (In Dutch!)

Goeroe Overflakkee   Van god los
– 2000   De 50 tweemaandelijkse columns die ik van 1993 tot 2000
                 schreef voor het destijdse alternatieve muziektijdschrift Opscene.
                 112 pagina’s. (In Dutch!)

ALBUMS with The Ex
1980   Disturbing domestic peace 
1982   History is what’s happening 
1983   Dignity of labour 
1983   Tumult 
1984   Blueprints for a blackout
1985   Pokkeherrie

1986   1936, The Spanish revolution
1987   Too many cowboys 
1988   Hands up! you’re free
1988   Aural guerrilla  
1989   Joggers & smoggers  
1990   Dead fish   
1991   Scrabbling at the lock   (w/ Tom Cora)
1993   And the weathermen shrug their shoulders   (w/ Tom Cora)
1995   Mudbird shivers
1995   Instant   (w/ Guests)
1998   Starters alternators  
1999   In the fishtank 5   (w/ Tortoise)
2001   Dizzy spells   2001
2001   Een rondje Holland   (Ex Orkest)

2004   Turn
2005   Singles. period.
2006   Moa anbessa   (w/ Getatchew Mekuria & Guests)
2009   30 

DVD’S with The Ex
2004   Beautiful frenzy   (documentary from 2001

2007   Building a broken mousetrap   (live-concert from 2004
2007   11 Ethio-punk songs   (documentary + concert
2008   The convoy tour   (reportage + concerts from 2004)